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Protecting Your Hair In Fort Myers

As we enter a new season of the year, sometimes we forget to take care of our hair until it is too late. Living in Fort Myers, at this time of year I see a lot of our guests coming down for the season from colder climates up north.

In that trip, many transitions are happening that will definitely effect the hair  in a negative way. When moving from a colder climate to warmer climate the hair is first of all stressing out because of what the change from Cold to Hot will do. Also, most people that are coming into the Fort Myers area, or the South West Florida area in general, are typically wanting to come down and play! This usually means that they are going to be boating and on the water or they are probably going to be playing golf or tennis. While all of these activities are great, they take a huge toll on the hair. The salt content of the ocean will wreak havoc on your hair. This will remove excessive amounts of your own natural moisture which can lead to seeing split ends faster as well as hair color loss. In playing outdoor sports, you have the aspect of the sun damage and the UV rays that it produces which will also work to dry out the hair as well as creating hair color loss. Along with the UV rays from the sun, one of the largest factors that will negatively effect hair is perspiration. Just like with salt water, the perspiration contains a certain salt content which raises the PH factor for the hair, which in turn can ultimately cause more damage than the UV rays.

So what is the solution? Its actually very simple! First, make sure that you find a qualified Hair Stylist while visiting in South West Florida that you can see every four to five weeks to continue to maintain your hair for you while you are gone. Keeping your hair trimmed at these intervals will actually help to protect against split ends. Second, make sure that your Hair Stylist is recommending, and that you are using, a Salon Professional Shampoo and Conditioner for your hair. I will share later, on another blog, why this so important.

I know that I have given a lot of information today but I am passionate about seeing people really take care of their hair and always looking their best! If I can ever be of assistance to you please feel free to contact me, Craig Evans, through my direct page on our website at www.douglasbrooke.com

submitted by: Craig Evans