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Wow, what a daunting task! So many to pick from…where to start…what to do? Not to worry! Just follow my easy steps and you will have a picture perfect relationship with a stylist in no time!

1. PHONE A FRIEND: Us girls, or guys tend to stick together! This is a great way to find suggestions on who to go to for doing your lovely locks. Just make sure you don’t end up looking like your friend! Hair people sometimes get stuck on a certain look…and your style needs to be completely uniquely yours!

2. APPROACH A STRANGER: Don’t be shy! If you see someone that you dig their hair, please ask! They will take it as a compliment, and you will find out some good info!

3. LET YOUR FINGERS DO THE WALKING: Our internet world is so vast! This is such a great way not only for a stylist to let you know what they can do for you, but for you to find a hair specialist! Read their bios, blogs (hello), and testimonials from happy, content people just like you! In all my years of doing hair, I have come to the conclusion that stylists tend to attract the kind of clients that they are (which can be a little wacky)! If in doubt, schedule an appointment for a consultation to see if you can jive happily with your new hair friend!

Until next time, and Cheerio!!

Cathy Martin

submitted by: Cathy Martin