What To Expect

As a guest, when you are first introduced to Douglas Brooke Studio Salons you will notice that we are completely different from your traditional salon environment. That’s because, at DB Studio Salons, each beauty professional runs their very own business and caters to you, the guest, in their own unique way.

We have created an environment for salon professionals to work in which they are allowed to have the creative freedom they desire and the flexibility that comes with owning their own business. With each salon owner being in business for themselves, you will notice that there is no receptionist in our lobby areas. Each individual is responsible for making there own appointments and setting their own schedules. They also have their own individual phones as a point of contact for their guests.

We have several options that will enable you to quickly and accurately contact your individual service provider. If you call our main number at 239-415-4000 there is an automated voice system that will enable you to find the contact information that you desire.

Also, we have made every attempt for our website to be as user friendly as possible. If you go to the Locations tab you can select a specific studio location and search for the salon owner that you would like to see. You can also search by name by clicking on the magnifying glass in the top right hand corner of every page. From their own page, you will find all the necessary contact information to be able to make reservations with the salon professional of your choice. Also, from their page you will notice that we have provided many options for you to get to know your stylist or spa technician, as well as, leave testimonials about your favorite salon owner.

At DB Studio Salons, we also have the opportunity for online booking. If your preferred salon owner chooses to allow online booking, then you will be able to schedule your reservations as well as manage your own schedule of salon appointments, at your convenience, directly from your own computer or smart device.

If you have never been to DB Studio Salons and you do not have a salon professional of choice, please browse our Locations to find an individual that fits your needs and contact them personally to begin the future with your new stylist or spa technician.

Once you enter our location, you may be asking; “With every beauty specialist being in control of their own business, where do I go since there is no receptionist to guide me?” At DB Studio Salons it is very simple because you get to work directly with your own stylist or spa technician. If your specialist is located in a studio salon then you can go straight to their studio and enjoy your visit. On the other hand, if your desired specialist works on our salon floor, then you may have a seat in the lobby and they will come out to escort you back to their styling chair when they are ready.

At DB Studio Salons, we understand that the loyalty lies between you and the specialist…not the salon or spa. With that in mind we are trying to reinvent the way this industry operates. Douglas Brooke does this primarily by moving out from between you and your beauty specialist and allowing your relationship with them to flourish. Whether this is the first time with your new specialist, you’ve been seeing them for years or your reuniting with your specialist after some time away; we hope you will enjoy yourself.