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If you are asking yourself “is this for me”… then that’s a good question! When making a move like this it’s good to ask questions! In fact, we’ve developed a few great questions to help you make the journey to Douglas Brooke Studio Salons a little easier.

First, in considering the benefits of DB Studio Salons, ask yourself:

  • Do I love what I do?
  • Do I love working with with my guests?
  • Do my guests enjoy the work I do?
  • Do my guests tell their friends about me?
  • Do my guests trust me?
If you answered YES to all of the above questions, congratulations. You have what it takes to be a successful salon owner at Douglas Brooke Studio Salons.

Now for the tricky part. We need to figure out if you WANT to be a salon owner. The next few questions will help you figure that out:

  • Do I feel completely fulfilled working for someone else?
  • Would being able to set my own hours of work make a difference in my personal life?
  • Does having complete creative freedom excite me? (Does your current salon limit your creative abilities? Do they allow you to use what you want to use?)
  • Would keeping 100% of my profit improve my personal financial situation?
  • Does working alongside the best stylists in the area appeal to me?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, then Douglas Brooke Studio Salons is definitely an avenue you should continue to explore.

At DB Studio Salons you have a certain level of freedom that is not available in any other traditional setting. However, with all this freedom, you still won’t be doing this on your own. With every question that comes up, we at DB Studio Salons already have an answer to make the transition simple. As well, you will have every other successful studio owner within your community that has gone before you and has the same vision as you.

Owning and operating your very own salon should no longer be a dream. The opportunity is available to you now and it is here at Douglas Brooke Studio Salons. It all starts with a comfortable and confidential conversation with Craig. If you are ready to experience your dream of salon ownership then call Craig today at 239-940-5021 and let us show you how easy it can be at Douglas Brooke Studio Salons.