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At Douglas Brooke Studio Salons we recognize that one of the freedoms that people desire is to choose what type of environment they work in. DB Studios has developed three different ways that you can own your own business. We have our single studios, our double studios, and our open floor.

Single Studio
Our single studios are approximately 100 square feet of beautifully designed space that allows you to set up and decorate your salon as you see your vision unfold. It contains your own shampoo bowl, your own styling chair, all custom cabinetry, a large beautiful mirror, your own stainless steel refrigerator, your own hood dryer and a utility cart with more storage below. We do allow for part time leasing of our single studios. In this scenario you would find another individual to share the space with and together you would work out your schedules. Douglas Brooke Studio Salons does not get involved in the aspect of finding or referring a partner to share the studio with. This allows you to work with a peer that you trust and can confide in. Together you would be able to enjoy the ability of owning your own salon. There is a nominal fee to be able to split the lease of a studio.
Double Studio
Our double studios are approximately 190 square feet that contain all the same interior design features. The double studios contain two of almost everything in a single studio and is designed for that extremely busy stylist that has to have two chairs to work from or for two people that want to create the salon atmosphere together. In a double studio, since the studio is designed to handle two people working together at one time, there is no additional fee for two people leasing a double studio.

As you can see, DB Studio Salons has provided a way for you to make your dream a reality. Give Brian a call today at 239-850-0192 to schedule your personal confidential appointment to see your new salon today.