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Who is going to win? Hopefully, YOU will, but you have to know how. If you have perfectly straight hair that humidity doesn’t affect, that’s great! But most of us have some form of frizz, wave, or curl that drives us crazy!

Not to worry! Here are some solutions for you to win the war against frizz!

1. PRODUCTS: Products are our friends in a bottle! They range from straightening creams and serums for you straight hair girls, to curling sprays, curling creams and gels for us curly girls and guys! The main problem with most people is they don’t use enought of our friends in a bottle. You have to use enough to completely cover your locks from scalp to ends to reduce frizz.

2. RELAXERS: This is probably the least understood and under used product in our arsenal of weaponry against frizz. It is cheaper than a Keratin Straightener, (see below), doesn’t take quite as long to do, amazing results which will make your life a lot easier on a daily basis and fight that frizz! If you haven’t tried it, I think you should!

3. KERATIN STRAIGHTENER: This has gotten a lot of press in the last few years. We at DOUGLAS BROOKE only use the safest of products on our valued guests. This is really the ultimate in successfully straightening the hair as much as we can and still save the condition and integrity of the hair. If done to the max, this service will last about 5 months.

4. BACK TO CURLY: If you have any form of curl from a little bit to a lot, I can help you embrace what nature gave you! As I said before, product makes a HUGE difference, but also the haircut is super, super important! The haircut is our shape, and our shape is our style, and it has to be perfect…so flaunt those curls!!!!!

Until next time!
Cathy Martin

submitted by: Cathy Martin