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Big Hair That Lasts

Ladies, listen up! Everyone wants more fullness to their hair! Everyone wants soft touchable hair! I have a few tricks that can help you solve this problem.

First of all starting with a good cut will make all the difference in the world at being able to get fullness that will actually stay through out the day! There are several tricks that I can do with a haircut that will make fullness not just a dream but a reality!

Next… You have to be realistic! Products are essential in achieving those full luscious locks! You have to be willing to use product in you hair. This doesn’t mean to just use any old thing that is under the cabinet and has been there for the last five years. Products are very specific in what they do and how much you should use. More is not always better! Remember if you put too much of something on that is heavy, even if it says “strong hold” it doesn’t mean that you will get fullness that will last.

Also, I love touchable hair! I don’t want to get my hand stuck in wife’s hair at that inopportune time because her hair has been plastered into place with some rock hold hair spray! Remember your husband shouldn’t have to carry a chisel around in his back pocket to get get his hand out of your hair because of using all the wrong things when styling your hair!

I love to use Schwarzkopf Osis+ Miracle Hold cream mousse. This is absolutely one of my favorite products when it comes to getting fullness that will last but the hair still feels like hair and not some synthetic piece of plaster! For those that know me, you know that I love to use cream based products because they are typically going to be lighter than a gel. Also, this mousse is like none other because Schwarzkopf actually starts with a cream base instead of a traditional mousse. There are a ton of product to cocktail this with that we can get into later! If you have questions, on this product or any other, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will be glad to help! Until next time, stay sexy!

submitted by: Craig Evans